Nat Sherman International Introduces Personal Humidor App for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch


NEW YORK, NY (February 4, 2014) – Nat Sherman (, Tobacconist to the World, announces the launch of the Nat Sherman Personal Humidor App, now available for free download in the App Store™ ( With this App, cigar lovers can take the premium cigar experience beyond The Nat Sherman Townhouse, and into their homes.

Key Features of the Nat Sherman Personal Humidor App:

§  Custom Humidor: Enables iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to create a custom humidor where they can seamlessly catalogue, evaluate and share their cigar preferences, notes, and photos.

§  Cigar 101: Provides users with access to original curated content from Nat Sherman. “Cigar 101” delivers a comprehensive cigar glossary, expert advice on how to choose the right cigar, smoking tips and tricks, cigar etiquette, and more.

§  Store Locator: Features Geo-Locate technology, allowing users to instantly locate their nearest retailer with the click of a button.

Nat Sherman has always been committed to innovation. We are thrilled to debut this dynamic App, which will further engage our current customers and readily assist new cigars enthusiasts in learning about our products and industry,” said Larry Sherman, Executive Vice President, Nat Sherman. “With the launch of the Nat Sherman Personal Humidor App, we are expanding our relationships beyond our retail locations and continuing our dialogue with a community that is as passionate about cigars as we are.”

The free application is now available for download through the App Store™, and can be accessed through keywords ‘Nat Sherman.’


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