CAMUS Borderies VSOP Review

photo credit: John DeMato

Up for review today is the CAMUS Borderies VSOP, a unique offering on the current market in that it is made of 100% single-growth Borderies grapes. Of course, there are plenty of disappointing products that make big claims based on the source of the materials (“100% Cuban seed tobacco” comes to mind). So let’s see how the Borderies VSOP shakes out.

Distiller: CAMUS

ABV: 40%

Cask Type: French Oak


The nose is deep but gentle, with notes of apples, citrus, and a hint of vanilla.


One sip and I know that this is a very special cognac. Flavors move from apples and oranges, to hints of honey and then on to a definitive cinnamon spiciness that is totally harmonious with the rest of the flavors. 


The finish is long and sweet, and it holds each flavor for what feels like a full minute.


CAMUS VSOP Borderies is a unique offering that manages the rare task of presenting a compelling story for the product and delivering on the promise. At under $40, this cognac deserves at least one cycle on your spirits shelf.

Final Grade: A