Fonseca Classic (Connecticut) Review

Fonseca Connecticut Review

Up for review today is the Fonseca Classic Lonsdale. Manuel Quesada’s Dominican version of the Cuban counterpart is illustrated in its more classic profile. This vitola in the original Fonesca lineup is blended to deliver a lush creamy smoke for those who enjoy a light bodied cigar. Draped in a Connecticut wrapper, the cigar gives the appearance of a more subtle smoke and would seem quite inviting to the novice cigar enthusiast. However the proof is in the smoking so let’s light it up!

Blend Specifics

  • Cigar Reviewed: Fonseca Classic Lonsdale
  • Wrapper: Connecticut
  • Binder Dominican
  • Filler: Dominican
  • Size: 6.0″x 43 Lonsdale

Appearance & Construction

The Fonseca Lonsdale has a very pale almost anemic looking wrapper. It is smooth to the touch with slight veins and a few soft spots when pressed. The cigar is well constructed and the roll is effortless. The band is the traditional Fonseca “F” which is synonymous with the brand.  As with all of the Fonseca lines I have smoked, the appearance and care in the rolling makes this a premium cigar.

Flavor & Smoke Characteristics

After using a straight cut, the dry draw is loose and flavors of hay and tea are prevalent. As soon as I light the cigar, lots of tea came through with a good amount of smoke. The first few puffs transitioned from tea to leather with a short finish. Overall, the Fonseca Connecticut starts out as predicted in the light bodied range. A few puffs later, clotted cream envelopes the palate, though the quickness with which it dissipated is disappointing. Hay and leather blend together with a billowing of smoke as the cigar continues to develop, with the retrohale displaying hay and grass notes.

Fonseca Connecticut Review

At about halfway through the Fonseca Connecticut, nuttiness with an emphasis on cashews comes on strong with a creamy finish. I find this flavor profile quite enjoyable, but it doesn’t last. The buildup of the cigar becomes a tad green and bitter which is never welcome to the taste buds. The cigars burn is straight with a whitish gray ash. While the cigar rounds out forest floor and tanned leather are front and center revitalizing my palate.

The final third of the Fonseca Connecticut sports a nice firm ash and ample amounts of smoke. I pick up lots of bing cherry upfront with pencil lead on the finish. Another retrohale which ramps up in intensity enhances the cherry notes. As the cigar comes to an end, the finish is of café au lait lingering on the palate. A mild, predictable smoke.


While I do enjoy a mild bodied cigar from time to time, I usually expect a little more flavor and complexity out of a great cigar. The Fonseca Connecticut Lonsdale delivers a consistent light bodied experience, but the flavors are less than harmonious and the green notes were unsettling. I’m always wary of such a pale wrapper as it makes me suspect on the amount of aging and proper fermentation techniques applied. Having said that the tea and leather notes where pleasant, and when the finish was creamy, it was quite enjoyable. I’d probably recommend this cigar out on the golf course as it’s not overwhelming or perhaps on the porch with some coffee or espresso.

Final Rating: 86

Reviewers note: this is a non-blind review

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