Blind Review: Davidoff Signature 2000

Davidoff has always represented an understated elegance and refinement in the cigar industry.  Their conservative approach to cigar releases, the subtle flavor nuances of their cigars and even the sophisticated decor in their beautiful lounges.  This cigar is no different.  The Davidoff Signature 2000 is one of Davidoff’s best sellers. Consistent with the Davidoff pedigree, this cigar celebrates a long lineage of Davidoff master craftsmanship and expert blending.

Blend Specifics

  • Cigar Reviewed: Davidoff Signature 2000
  • Wrapper: Ecuador
  • Binder: Ecuador 
  • Filler: Domincan Republic
  • Size: Petit Corona 5 x 43

Appearance and Construction

As per the ancient ritual, after receiving a package of cigars in the mail, an immediate  and thorough inspection was in order.   Most of the time, I am well aware of which cigars to expect.  However, this particular package had the original bands detached to remove some partiality from the review process.  Heavy biases and crude judgments aside, by removing the band as barbaric as it may seem, lessens the distractions and focuses attention on the contents of the book and less on its cover.

It was late in the evening, the Davidoff Signature 2000 with its graceful poise caught my eye.  It’s unpretentious vitola, tight flawless bronzed Ecuadorian wrapper and triple cap flair made a great impression.  The wrapper and its construction was just about perfect, with no visible veins or lumps, and a soft sandalwood luster.

Flavor and Smoke Characteristics

Taking a smell of the foot of the Davidoff Signature 2000, tantalizing aroma of walnuts, dry leaves and fresh Costa Rican coffee greet the nose.  After a straight cut, a dry pull reveals vegetal and fresh grass on the palate.  Soft dry hay and white pepper flavors wrapped in thick and creamy combination provide a luscious well balanced medium body.  Once the heat settles, the ash starts to build and a comforting sharp burn reveals itself. 

The retrohale (gateway to the next dimension of cigar appreciation) is a soft delicate floral twang reminiscent of finely aged Cuban seed tobacco takes this cigar to the next level.  Careful throttling of the pull is consistent with most cigars where spice picks up with heat and a leveling off once the heart dissipates.

In the second third of the Davidoff Signature 2000, the white pepper softens up, soft velvet texture, cedar, razor sharp burn, no relights. By the middle of the cigar, the flavors have settled quite nicely.  I am able to throttle the intensity of the retrohale by manipulating the frequency and strength of the draw.  This wave of flavors is what takes this cigar to the next level. It’s enticing, provocative and mysterious.

As the cigar gets near the end, the heat picks up and so does the intensity of flavors, the white pepper gets stronger, the dry hay makes a sneaky return, the retrohale boldens. Noticeable white ash and no relights.  If one was to ease off a bit and feather the draw, graham crackers and vegetal lingers in the background.


A fine example of great tobacco, years of experience and mastery to create a mild mannered masterpiece. I suspect this cigar will age gracefully, This cigar being readily available, will allow anyone to find and experience what in my opinion is a great cigar.  It’s not overpowering, bold or pretentious.  Instead, the Davidoff Signature 2000 is refined, balanced and well tempered (medium strength), The true magic of this cigar is behind the curtains or more accurately hidden behind the retrohale.  A true gem in the Davidoff lineup.

Final Rating: 91