FineTobaccoNYC Launches “Cigar Industry Network” On LinkedIn

NEW YORK, September 24, 2012– is pleased to announce the creation of the “Cigar Industry Network” on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn group will facilitate discussion among members of the cigar industry and connect members of the cigar press/blog community to the frequent announcements of manufacturers and distributors alike.

Though there are multiple cigar related groups on LinkedIn, none are geared towards helping members of the industry collaborate without incessant advertisement by outside companies, or dozens of cigar reviews posted by bloggers. Groups  frequently overrun with spam and irrelevant posts thus hinder collaboration instead of helping.

In its first week of operation, the group has gained about 40 members, including members of the New York Cigar industry. Members also include CRA Ambassadors, members of the cigar press, and aficionados living around the East Coast.

Matthias Clock, editor-in-chief at said, “I put the group together because I think that there is tremendous untapped opportunity for collaboration in the cigar industry, be it with advertising, marketing, distribution, or even creating new products or talking about best business practices.”

Group membership is currently set to “open,” meaning that anyone with a LinkedIn account can currently join. As the group grows, however, this will change in order to protect meaningful discussion and fight spam.

Click here to join the Cigar Industry Network.

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