Cigar Inn Features Custom-Painted Cigar Boxes

Cigar Inn has always been a great place to smoke, and now patrons can expect even more. For just $20, anyone buying a box of cigars can have a custom design painted right on to their box. All customers have to do is submit a photograph to be painted on the box and wait about two weeks.

From the Cigar Aficionado release:

“All paintings are being done by New York-based artist Elena Yakovleva. Yakovleva, a graduate of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, is the talented artist that Cigar Inn commissioned to paint a mural for its 1016 2nd Avenue location.”

I don’t often buy boxes of cigars from anywhere, let alone Cigar Aficionado (NY tobacco taxes are killer), but if I ever do buy an exclusive from Cigar Inn, this will definitely be a feature that I’ll be tacking on.

Read the full release at Cigar Aficionado.